A Higher Level of Patient Care

Posted by The Big Country Content Team on Mar 1, 2024 2:15:43 PM
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Our Company's Purpose

We believe in our company's purpose which is "Making a positive difference in people's lives". Because everyone in our organization understands this purpose it unifies us in all we do keeping us pointed in the right direction.

Like most healthcare professionals, we are in this business because we want to help other people. Our team collectively uses their unique skills that they have developed in the pharmacy world to make that positive difference in people's lives.  

For our team to see the positive difference they are making, we need to have ways to measure it. Not only does this result in our patients seeing a significant difference between our pharmacy and other pharmacies they have used, but it refuels the gas tanks of our team members. Everything we do, in some way, points towards the ultimate purpose we have as an organization: The purpose of making a positive difference in people’s lives.


A Team With Unified Core Values 

Having a team with common core values is another essential piece of the puzzle to making our company’s purpose come to life. Our company’s core values are integrity, a positive attitude, teamwork, and drive. Each of our team members exemplifies these core values every day. These are the values that we hire and fire by. 

  • Integrity is essential because we are dealing with people's private medical matters and our patients trust us to do the right thing every time without fail.

  • Demonstrating a positive attitude is a must because of the challenges that continuously come up. We are a team that remains calm in uncertainty and finds a path forward because of our will to find the good in any situation. 

  • Our organization cannot thrive without teamwork. Knowing that your team members have your back and will help you out, however, and whenever they can, is so important. Having the mindset that it is your responsibility to assist each other is one of the primary reasons our patients truly experience a higher level of customer service.
  • None of the three aforementioned core values can reach their full potential without each of our team members' drive. Drive is consistently showing up every day with energy and purpose. It is overcoming the mindset of working to live and instead choosing to live every day, in work and play. Our team's drive to show up every day and be a truly productive team member helps enhance the previous three core values synergistically. 


Focusing Our Purpose And Our Values

The way we focus our purpose and our values is by providing dermatology patients with affordable solutions by simplifying complex problems. We’ve recognized that this is an area in the pharmacy industry that is underserved and we are in a unique position to help create that positive difference in so many people's lives because of our skillset and chosen focus.

We utilize our team members' core values and our company’s purpose to focus on our niche of providing dermatology patients with affordable solutions by simplifying complex problems. We choose to stay laser-focused on this area because of our desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. In the same way that you can place a piece of paper on the sidewalk and nothing happens because of the sun's rays broadly hitting the paper, when you take a tool like a magnifying glass and focus those rays on one area, you can light the place on fire. 

We have the skills and tools to make sure people can afford their medication or treatment without having to sacrifice other parts of their lives to afford it. With our skillset and focus, we save patients hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per month on their medications. The stories that our patients share with us, give us the fuel to continue growing our fire and impacting more and more lives.

Putting all of these pieces together creates a pharmacy team that is as impactful as ours has proven to be. And it all culminates in providing a truly higher level of patient care. Learn more about us here.



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