Compound Medication and The claRx Guarantee

Posted by The Big Country Content Team on Feb 26, 2021 11:00:00 AM
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Compounding medications is an encompassing process, allowing pharmacists to combine, or mix various ingredients to create medications not available by manufacturers.  Similar to baking a cake, many pharmacies may use the same ingredients to create a compound with the same intended end result, and yet you will find vastly different qualities of cake from different bakers. The same holds true for compounds from different pharmacies.  


What is a Compound Medication? 

Compound medications are a custom-made mixture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, inactive bases, and stabilizers. They are mixed using a variety of compounding methods such as a traditional mortar and pestle, ointment mills, EMP's, and planetary mixers.

We create each compound formulation using U.S. Pharmacopeia approved ingredients and take into account multiple factors like desired viscosity, density, texture, penetration, and other usage factors. 


Who Can Compound a Medication?

Many different medical professionals compound medications every day including physicians, nurses, PAs, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and many others. However, when it comes to making a compound for patients to take home in the form of a prescription, the ideal method is having a compound made by pharmacy technicians and pharmacists at a pharmacy with a compounding lab. 

At claRx Big Country Dermatology, we stay up-to-date with laws, regulations, and use the best practices in order to provide patients with great compounded dermatology medications at a lower price.  


The claRx Compounding Guarantee

We create high-quality compounds in a controlled environment which leads to cost-effective solutions. We guarantee that our dermatology compounds will be delivered to the patient within 1 week of verifying the patient's information and receiving payment, or the compound is FREE! 

If you've never experienced the claRx difference, now you can, risk-free. Or, if you have tried it in the previous year, we recently restarted our Try 3 Risk-Free program which we restart every year. Make sure to take advantage of the program and send in three new compounds!

Every provider can send 3 compounds from our commonly compounded medication list and include a note "Try 3 Free" and those compounds will be dispensed to the patient for zero cost.  

Try our Try 3 Risk-Free Program! Your patients will greatly appreciate you for letting them try our compounds at no cost. 


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